Worklinks is a community-based organisation that has a pool of individuals looking for work

Need Staff?

Finding the right candidate for your needs

Worklinks offers employers access to a pool of talented young people, saving you time in finding the right candidate for your needs. Our database features a range of people aged 15 – 24 who are actively looking for work. Our team can assist in your search for staff, shortlist suitable applicants to save you time and put you in the best position to find the right new team member.

We support businesses in the Kippa-Ring, Mitchelton, Deception Bay, Strathpine and Caboolture areas to find the best fit for their staffing needs.

How Worklinks can best help you

As a community-based organisation, we have many years of experience in providing individualised support services to help the young people of Queensland begin their careers.

With in-depth local sector knowledge and a team who are passionate about helping those who are new to the workforce to find a career, Worklinks can be a valuable asset to any business owner. 

Finding the right people for you

The assistance we provide to employers looking for new talent saves time and ensures the right fit for your needs. We have a pool of young people aged 15 – 24 that our team can draw from to create a shortlist of suitable applicants based on your needs. 

We’ll work with you to understand exactly which requirements you need to be filled, then identify which of our candidates will make the perfect fit. Together, your business and Worklinks can provide an opportunity for those just entering the workforce. 

Let our experts save you the time and effort required in finding the right fit for your needs. We’ll ensure you find the right person for the job while fostering a strong community of talented individuals. 

Our time-saving solutions

The hiring process is long and tedious. These days, in particular, you can be bombarded with applications, some of which hold no relevance to the position you are advertising. We can save a significant amount of time by shortlisting promising applicants for you. Let us make your hiring process more efficient while also finding the best candidate for the job!

Speak to the expert team at Worklinks about finding the best team member for your needs today!

The knowledgeable and skilled staff at Worklinks can provide the support your business needs for identifying the best new staff for your open positions. Our highly-respected organisation puts the community first in everything we do, be it small to large business owners or the staff they employ. 

It is our belief that the skills of the youth that we help to foster will benefit our society as a whole. We look to support business owners within our community by helping them to find high-quality, promising young staff. The right person is a valuable asset to your operations, so contact us today and let’s find the best fit for you!

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