Worklinks is an organisation that is dedicated to helping young members of the community find a rewarding career path tailor-made for them.

Worklinks Brisbane

Worklinks Brisbane

Worklinks is a community-based, not-for-profit organisation that provides training, employment opportunities and services to Queensland citizens. We focus on youth still attending school, early school leavers, young adults who have recently graduated and mature aged residents who need assistance in finding a new career path later in life. 

Examples of services we provide include:

Since 1997, we have been dedicated and focused on providing industry-leading programs, training and services, tailor-made to each individual’s unique needs and skill-sets.

We continue to expand our critical work throughout Queensland communities, with services currently accessible in:

Our broad range of customised and flexible programs and services are designed to help Queenslanders discover meaningful and rewarding career paths. We work to help navigate each individual’s unique circumstances to find reliable employment through our partners and community networks.

Examples of our current successful programs within the Worklinks organisation include:

Transition To Work


Skilling Queenslanders for Work

Get Set for Work

Registered Training Organisation

Worklinks understand the critical role employers play in our community by providing employment opportunities to Queensland citizens.

Examples of assistance and support we provide Queensland employers include:

  • Finding staff Brisbane
  • Accessing Government incentives Brisbane
  • Work placement support Brisbane
  • Preliminary and ongoing training for staff Brisbane

Contact one of our team members via phone or email for more information about services about Queensland employer support programs.

The team here at Worklinks offers a diverse range of tailored support and training services to help them gain stability, support work/life balance and find a new career pathway as their children grow up. 

Areas of support we endeavour to offer Queensland parents include, but are not limited to:

  • Support in returning to work in Brisbane
  • Support for the parent’s child or children in Brisbane
  • Other support services for which a parent may be eligible in Brisbane

If you believe you may be eligible for support or need help finding out, contact our helpful and understanding service desk to discuss matters further.

Worklinks services

For over 20-years the dedicated team here at Worklinks has been providing effective career and transition services throughout Southeastern Queensland, delivering our unique public service in areas such as:

We continue to develop our range of services throughout Southeast Queensland and strive to help build a safer, stronger and more unified community. Read on to learn more about our organisation.

Get Set for Work is one of seven programs in the Queensland Government’s Skilling Queenslanders for Work initiative and aims to improve the education, skill sets, employment opportunities and the social stability of disadvantaged and at-risk community members.

The Get Set for Work program has been created to provide young Queenslanders aged between 15-19 years, to receive nationally recognised and accredited training. This will be paired with integrated learning support and foundational skills training to aid young people in transitioning into employment or further education successfully.

Transition to Work is an employment service designed to help young people between the ages of 15 to 24 discover and move into meaningful employment or find a successful career path.

We provide intensive pre-employment support and training to improve work-readiness, helping our youth, early school leavers, and young adults into further education or employment, including apprenticeships and traineeships.

Examples of things that the Transition to Work program offers young Queenslanders include, but are not limited to:

  • Development of practical, job-friendly skills
  • Connecting with education and training providers
  • Finding work experience placements
  • Locating job opportunities within local communities
  • Connecting with community services relevant to the individual’s needs

To be eligible to become involved in the Transition to Work program, a young person must be:

  • Aged 15-24, and
  • an Australian citizen, or
  • the holder of a permanent visa, or
  • New Zealand Special Category Visa, or
  • Nominated Visa (including Temporary Protection Visa or Safe Haven Visa)

Other factors that influence eligibility for this program include whether a young person has:

  • Has completed year-12 or a certificate III
  • Has been employed within the six months prior
  • Already receives income support payments such as Youth Allowance
  • Is currently registered or participating in another employment service like Jobactive

ParentsNext is designed to support parents and carers who are receiving Parenting Payments and help them plan and prepare for work when their youngest child reaches school age.

The programs and services that make up the ParentsNext initiative include, but are not limited to:

  • Skills development
  • Training and work experience
  • Financial support
  • Job preparation skills
  • Critical training and more

We also help with other work-related expenses while assisting individuals in connecting with other local support groups such as mentorships and counselling services.

Parents and carers who are eligible for the ParentsNext program include:

  • People who have received Parenting Payments for the last six months
  • Care for a child over the age of six months or under the age of six.
  • People who have not reported paid work to Centrelink within the last six months.

In most cases, Centrelink will contact parents and carers if they are perceived as eligible and refer them to the ParentsNext program. For more information about ParentsNext, contact our friendly helpdesk.

Skilling Queenslanders for Work is a Queensland Government initiative that seeks to invest $420-million over six-years to support and assist up to 54,000 Queenslanders with employment opportunities.

Skilling Queenslanders for Work intends to fund training and support for the unemployed and underemployed with a major focus on:

  • Young people (including those either in or and transitioning from out-of-home care)
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people
  • Para-able and special needs people
  • Mature age job seekers
  • Women re-entering the workforce
  • Veterans and ex-service personnel

This program also provides focused support for people coming from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

We are a highly-respected, registered training organisation that aims to help Queenslanders attain current qualifications relevant to the Queensland community’s needs.

Through this program, we will be able to support people in the attainment of the following:

  • Certificate IV in Career Development
  • Certificate IV in Employment Services
  • Construction Industry White Card
  • Certificate III in Community Services

Here at Worklinks, we believe that people can reach their full potential when given opportunities and support tailored to an individual’s unique personality and native skill-sets.

We are dedicated to being a true community organisation that can make real positive changes within our Queensland communities.

Why choose Worklinks?

Worklinks is a dedicated, community-focused, not-for-profit organisation that offers help to real people, not numbers in a system but real individuals who wish to reach their full potential.

We are Queenslanders, just like you. Our staff are members of your local community and have a firm understanding of our local areas’ unique challenges and the opportunities available to our clients.

Our staff have also lived our clients’ experiences and are people who have overcome the adversities and challenges that life can throw at many in Queensland’s Southeastern regions.

This organisation is built on a solid set of values that include:

The team here at Worklinks are compassionate and understand the struggles and roadblocks that many people in our community face every day. We have the ability to offer real pathways to a fulfilling and successful career that will allow people to attain the life they deserve.

Are you ready to take the first step on a new career path?

The experienced, knowledgeable and highly-skilled staff here at Worklinks are here to help you, your family or your children take the first big steps into a bright new future.

Our organisation prides itself on its reputation for excellence and reliability, and we continue to put people and community ahead of all else.

We believe that with the right support, encouragement, and opportunities, all Queenslanders can reach their highest potential, individual goals and personal dreams. In achieving this goal, we believe that we strengthen Queensland communities, helping to build a better Australia as a whole. 

Through our work, we also look to support local business owners and entrepreneurs to find skilled and reliable young staff that will help Queensland businesses grow, creating more opportunities for Queenslanders everywhere.

To learn more about the training, development programs and employment services offered here at Worklinks, contact our expert staff today. Contact us via email, and one of our helpful team members will respond promptly to provide advice or arrange a consultation.

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