Worklinks offers the ParentsNext program to prepare new parents for employment as their children go to school.


Prepare new parents for employment

For parents whose main focus has been their children, the start of school can create an interesting predicament. As your kids head off to start their learning journey, you are faced with free time and the possibility of a return to the workforce. Worklinks understands this situation all too well, and as a community-based, not-for-profit organisation, we can help you prepare for a new career or a return to your previous one. 

Our training, employment opportunities and services provide industry-leading programs like the ParentsNext initiative which is available to residents in Caboolture, Kippa-Ring, Strathpine, Mitchelton, and Deception bay.

Are you eligible? Will the program be of benefit to you? Read on to find out more information.

ParentsNext: Your pathway to prepare for employment

The ParentsNext program sets realistic and suitable education and employment goals for those who are ready to re-enter the workforce but still have the responsibility of caring for a small child. It is important that you make the best use of your time while also maintaining a work/life balance level. 

ParentsNext, with assistance from Worklinks, is your pathway to your career goals. The program provides support in the following areas:

  • Identifying relevant education and employment goals
  • Combining the task of preparing for work with parenting responsibilities
  • Accessing activities and services in the local community
  • Developing a pathway to achieving their career goals

Additional support services may also be applicable in specific situations. These can include a participation fund, wage subsidies and relocation assistance. To understand your eligibility, you must first book a consultation with the skilled Worklinks team.

The eligibility criteria for ParentsNext

While the definitive answer about your eligibility will come with a Worklinks consultation, you can gain some initial understanding by considering the following criteria: 

  • You have received a Parenting Payment over the last six months
  • There have been no employment earnings during this same period
  • You are the parent of a child aged under six years

A range of other support and training services for parents are also on offer from Worklinks. Enquire about our ‘Stay & Play’ sessions and the Qualified Child Carer Diploma. Finding a new career pathway is made easier with the following lines of support offered by out team:

  • Returning to the workforce after children
  • Support for your children
  • Additional support and training services 

Worklinks: Helping parents re-enter the workforce for over 20 years

We have put a focus on parental career support as we are aware of how hard a return to the workforce can be for parents with young children. The dedicated team here at Worklinks support the Southeastern Queensland community in many ways, be it via the youth or their parents. 

Our specialist services support various members of the community with:

  • Increasing your employability skills
  • Interview preparation
  • Career analysis 
  • Job search networks 
  • Time management and organisational skills
  • Assistance for resume development
  • And more

The ParentsNext initiative, in particular, offers skills development and training and work experience tailored to your needs and situation. There is also help for financial support, job preparation, critical training, and more.

You can apply for assistance with work-related expenses, local support groups, mentorships and counselling services. It can be common for Centrelink to contact those parents and carers who may be eligible for the ParentsNext program. If you would like to be more pro-active, speak to our friendly team today about your eligibility and application.

A range of enhancements to the ParentsNext program have been announced to further improve its offerings as part of the 2020-21 Federal Budget. These include:

  • The streamlining of eligibility requirements
  • More flexible access to the Participation Fund for providers to help participants meet their education and employment goals
  • Increasing participant eligibility timeframes for relocation assistance and employer wage subsidies

From 7 December 2020, certain changes have made it easier to further support participants in terms of meeting the mutual obligation requirements for ParentsNext.

Participants who miss a requirement will be given two business days to contact their provider to rectify the situation before the payment is put on hold. If a payment is missed, this can be dealt with by keeping regular contact with our team, who are always on hand to help with any challenges that may arise in meeting their participation requirements.

Some applicants may be eligible to use the Participation Fund thanks to new rules that have taken effect as of 1 July 2021. The Participation Fund for all eligible participants can be used to help meet specific education and employment goals. 

For example, you might utilise this funding to fund a Certificate III or purchase clothing and equipment required for stable employment. Our team can provide further information on this if you may be eligible.

Our team keep across all developments with the ParentsNext program on your behalf.

Get back to work with support from Worklinks today

The experienced and highly-skilled staff at Worklinks can help you prepare to re-enter the workforce. We always put people and the community first and can tailor your plan with respect to the time-challenging role of being a parent. 

With the right support, your career goals and overall scheduling and wellbeing can be taken care of. Speak to the Worklinks team today about the programs and employment services available to you. Your situation and goals are taken into careful consideration at Worklinks where we can design a unique plan to achieve your success. 

If for some reason you are ineligible for the ParentsNext program, we will look at alternative methods and support functions to help you get back to work. We have a wide range of knowledge and connections that can provide a variety of paths forward. Trust our experienced team with your career future today!

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