Worklinks support the youth in Queensland with their transition to work, skills training, and more.

Train For A Job

Staff training and development program

Worklinks is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO #30622) organisation that can help those entering the workforce with upskilling under the regulation of the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) Standards. Our goal is to help Queenslanders develop the skills and capabilities required to enter the workforce with a broad range of employable skills.

Our nationally accredited staff training and development programs are tailored towards the individual’s skills, interests and needs. Position yourself with the best chance at a high-quality employment opportunity that you will be proud of with help from our experts.

Worklinks helps you train for a job with workplace training and nationally accredited courses applicable to various industries. Your, or your child’s development and growth can be fostered with expert advice and support from our professional and accredited trainers.

Upskilling and mentoring are key ways to ensure our youth are primed for the hiring process, ready to hit the ground running when an employment opportunity presents itself. 

Further improve your suitability and skills

With our help, our pool of young people aged 15 – 24 are primed for a range of positions to ensure the best chance of employment. Initial experiences or existing skills are taken into account and built on for development relevant to the desired career of the individual.

We provide the necessary support to help you acclimatise to your new working environment once hired, and any necessary ongoing training to ensure you stay in the role. We also work to help you advance throughout your chosen field with extra training opportunities.

Student contribution fees

Usually, students can be required to pay a co-contribution fee. However, in some cases, a partial or complete exemption for a student regarding the co-contribution fee may be possible. Students are not required to pay a co-contribution fee while still at school but may need to pay fees once their training contract has been upgraded to a full-time or part-time position.

Before enrolment, details on all fees and charges, including total costs, method of collection, refunds and exemptions, will be provided.

Train for a job with the experienced Worklinks team today

Give yourself the best chance at employment and train for a job with the experienced Worklinks team. We are here to help you with the right support, encouragement, and opportunities. Join our pool of gifted potential hires in Queenslanders and enter the workforce the right way. You can reach your highest potential and individual goals with the right guidance. 

Speak to us today about how to organise the necessary training, development programs or employment services for your needs. With the experienced team from Worklinks on your side, your opportunities and potential are endless. Let’s get to work!

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