Worklinks support employers with RTO training to support employees as part of our many services.

Training For Your Staff

We help create a positive workplace culture

As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO #30622) organisation under the regulation of the Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) Standards, Worklinks help new employees develop the skills and capabilities required to become part of a highly skilled and motivated workforce.

We help our placements create a more positive workplace culture and improve their skillsets via a nationally accredited range. For our team, the service does not stop upon finding you a new employee, as we take their staff training and development needs seriously as an ongoing requirement.

Help with hiring and training

As a leading provider of employment and training services, Worklinks delivers workplace training and nationally accredited courses throughout a range of industries. We work to support the young individuals’ development and growth that we recommend to various teams and businesses.

With many years of experience in the employment, development and training industries, we offer expert advice and support with professional and accredited training, upskilling and mentoring. Our experts can assist with a range of tasks requirements necessary to ensure your new hire becomes a valuable part of your team. We help you with the hiring and your employee with learning so you can focus on getting the job done!

We have worked with organisations of all sizes and from a range of industries and can offer training to suit your new team members and business needs. Speak to our team about the best options for your business today.

Training the right people

Once we have matched your business and needs to the right potential hire, we can further improve their suitability and skills. Our pool of young people aged 15 – 24 are already shortlisted as suitable hires for your company based on their initial experiences or skills. From here, it is about ensuring their development to the benefit of both them as an individual and your business as a whole.                          

We provide the necessary support required to ensure all new hires acclimatise to your working environment. Our candidates become the perfect fit for you, with a range of training that fine-tunes existing skills and creates new ones.

Speak to the Worklinks team about our staff training options today

When you work with the Worklinks team, you not only find the right staff members for your team but also receive our full support services. Our knowledgeable and skilled team will work with your business to build a community of skilled young people in the workforce. This is all part of our service to building a more skilled Queensland community.

Speak to us today about the training and support lines we currently offer to both staff and business owners. We are already confident in our candidates abilities, and with our RTO training offerings, their skills will only increase. Contact us today, and let’s get to work on growing your team and business.

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