Worklinks supply post-placement officers to support both employers and workers in their new relationship.

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As part of our support services to both staff and their employers, Worklinks offers employers access to our post-placement officers who can help ensure things are running smoothly and are of benefit to all parties involved. We have already saved you a significant amount of time in finding the right candidate for your needs; our team will follow this up to ensure the situation will run in the long-term. 

Businesses in the Kippa-Ring, Mitchelton, Deception Bay, Strathpine and Caboolture areas have access to our work placement support services and post-placement officers to ensure they have the right candidate.

As a community-based organisation, our individualised support services are in place to help the young people of Queensland begin their careers and support the employers who hire them.

Our work placement support services are tailored to your business needs and the needs of the individual. The goal is a positive and beneficial working relationship for all, and we put in the time to make sure this is achieved. We’ll work closely with you to understand your needs, find the right person to suit them, then help them become the perfect fit.

As a result, our passionate Worklinks post-placement officers can help with the following:

Ensuring you have found the right people

It can take time to know that your new staff member is the right fit for your needs. Our pool of young people aged 15 – 24 are vetted for suitability to a point. This is the step that places them on our shortlist of suitable applicants. Once your winning applicant is chosen, we provide the support required to ensure they acclimatise to your working environment and can adequately fill the necessary position.  

We work hard to make sure our candidates are the perfect fit. By working together, your business and Worklinks will find the best candidate for your needs. Our work placement services are created to ensure this!

Take advantage of Worklinks work placement support services today

Our knowledgeable and skilled Worklinks post-placement support officer is there for your needs, as much as your new staff members. Take advantage of the support we provide to your business today. We put the community first in everything we do, and that includes business owners who are working hard to give young people a chance. 

Speak to us today about how we support business owners within our community as well as their potential promising young staff. We want you to find the right person, and for them to find an organisation in which they can thrive. Together, everyone wins, so contact us today and let’s find your new team member and help them grow into a valuable part of your business.

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