Welcome to Worklinks

A community based organisation linking employers and job seekers,

providing training opportunities and delivery of a range of programs

for youth and mature age people.

Worklinks Employment


Worklinks provides tailored support for local employers throughout North Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Somerset, and Moreton Bay. 

Worklinks Employment

Job Seekers

Worklinks provides diverse employment opportunities, empowering individuals of all ages on their career journey.


Worklinks provides exceptional accredited and non-accredited training courses.


We are a leading provider of programs designed to help young adults and parents be successful in their career goals.

Local Jobs Program

Promoting employment opportunities in the Somerset Region.


We have offices in Caboolture, Strathpine providing services to these and surrounding communities.

About Us

Worklinks QLD Ltd: Embrace your future one course at a time

At Worklinks QLD Ltd, we’re a dynamic force propelling positive change!


Our Journey:

Worklinks is a not-for-profit organisation, assisting families, young people and other community members for over 25 years. We’ve woven success stories through our students, participants and employers through the diverse range of programs we offer.

And guess what? Our influence now spans Australia, courtesy of our accredited online courses.


What Distinguishes Us?

Accredited Courses: As a Registered Training Organisation (RTO), Our trainers are industry experts in their fields, and bring a wealth of knowledge to infuse into your training experience. Our courses serve as keys, unlocking doors to fresh skills, rewarding careers, and brighter tomorrows!

Youth Empowerment: For those who need direction, we’re the compass guiding them toward success.

Training Alchemy: Whether it’s mastering AI or delving into career development, our training courses wield transformative magic.

Group Training Harmony: Our Group Training Organisation orchestrates connections between employers, eager workers and learners. It’s a harmonious blend of skills!


So, let’s empower your future, compose resilience, and celebrate every milestone of your success!


 Our Latest Workshops


Artificial Intelligence Workshop

Whether you’re intrigued by the capabilities of ChatGPT, captivated by the creative prowess of Bing AI Image Create, or curious about the future of productivity with Microsoft Co-Pilot, our beginner-friendly course unlocking the fascinating world of Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Microsoft Teams and Planner

Welcome to your guide to unlocking the power of collaboration and organization with Microsoft Teams and Planner! Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just getting started, this introductory guide will equip you with the essentials to work smarter, not harder.

Team Leader Workshop

This information packed 4 hour workshop will offer insights, guidance and advice for problem solving within leadership roles. This workshop is designed and presented by industry leaders with many years of successful managerial experience. To find out more about this invaluable and intuitive course click below.

Mental Health First Aider Course

Mental health is still a much mis-understood illness. Its symptoms are difficult to read and the effects can be devastating. Equally, mental health can have a detrimental effect in business with loss of productivity and lowering of company morale. Find out how you can support work colleagues or family. Click below.