Manage disrespectful, aggressive or abusive customers

Skill Set

SIRSS00022 Manage disrespectful, aggressive or abusive customers

Are you interested in developing skills around how to manage disrespectful, aggressive or abusive clients/customers… or people in general?

Although from the Retail Industry training package, the skills and knowledge developed through this unit, will assist you no matter what industry you work in… and can also give you invaluable skills to help throughout life!

Many businesses are looking for staff who can diffuse situations and deal with difficult customers… this is one of the greatest skills you can have, as mentioned, irrespective of industry area.
Worklinks offers the Certificate via zoom sessions (once a week). You participate in the zoom sessions, then undertake other tasks at your own pace between sessions. Your trainer has industry experience and is well qualified to help you complete the unit – and to respond to email queries during the week if you require some help/direction between sessions.

Make this a new year’s resolution? – to complete this invaluable unit… Only 3 zoom sessions and the opportunity to complete the unit, including assessment, over a one month period. (of course you can take longer if you need – you set the pace).

For further details contact Worklinks … CALL 1300 852 359
The first zoom session will be held during the week beginning 23 January.
Costs : $400

If you would like to find out more about this skill set, please use the form below or call us on 1300 852 359